Summer Camps Scholarships


  • Youth ages 5-15 years
  • Applicants must live in San Jose or Campbell.
  • Applicant’s household must have an income equal to or less than 250% of the current California Poverty Level. Flexible on awarding scholarships so please contact directly if you are experiencing financial hardship or you are a single parent.
  • Applicants that are performing at high athletic level and are top ranked locally/nationally. Provide proof of tournament results or ranking.


  1. Support the development and well-being of underserved youth
  2. Develop and sustain long-term collaborations and relationships with sports organizations and agencies
  3. Report impactful sports benefits, issues, developments, and stories
  4. Recognize exceptional individuals and organizations
  5. Provide opportunities to mentor youth worldwide


  1. Travel Assistance (give kids chance to travel to tournaments on national or international level) 
  2. Offer free Academic Tutoring 
  3. Offer free Tennis beginners classes 
  4. Offer free sports classes 
  5. College scholarships for athletes (help with recruiting and videos, making introductions to college coaches)